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Hayes-Jordan Lab

Dr. Hao Chen is a Research Associate in Dr. Hayes-Jordan’s lab. She received her PhD in molecular biology at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Hao has conducted cancer research at NCCU and Duke University for 10 years before she joined UNC in 2018. She is working with Dr. Hayes-Jordan in investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms on DSRCT and other pediatric sarcomas, in order to find novel therapeutic targets for these extremely malignant diseases.



Dr. Alyssa Peace is a general surgery resident who comes to UNC from the University of Colorado in Denver.  She is originally from California and received her medical degree at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC.  Alyssa plans to pursue a fellowship in pediatric surgery upon completion of her residency training and is excited to work with Dr. Hayes-Jordan in discovering new treatments for pediatric sarcomas.