Brian Diekman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Specialty Areas: Tissue-engineering, stem cells, aging, murine models of osteoarthritis, genome editing

Chronology: BS: Duke University (Biomedical Engineering), 2005; Ph.D.: Duke University (Biomedical Engineering), 2012; Post-doc: Duke University Medical Center (Orthopaedic Surgery, laboratory of Dr. Farshid Guilak) 2012-2014; Post-doc: University of North Carolina (Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, laboratory of Dr. Norman Sharpless): 2014-2017; Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering: University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, 2017-present.

Description of research and/or clinical interests: Dr. Diekman has established a research laboratory that utilizes regenerative medicine technologies to develop novel therapeutic approaches for osteoarthritis. One goal of the lab is to use engineered cartilage tissue as a model system to understand the mechanisms by which aging contributes to cartilage dysfunction and to screen for drugs that prevent cartilage dysfunction. The lab also uses genome editing of stem cells to investigate the genetic risk factors for osteoarthritis. In addition to experiments with cultured cells, work with rodent models allows the lab to test the feasibility of interventions designed to increase the regenerative capacity of cartilage tissue after injury.

Selected Bibliography:

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