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Chronology: MS in Applied Mathematics, from Moscow State University, Russia, 1995.  Statistician at Social Science Research Institute at Duke University, 2008-2016.  She joined the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center (TARC) in 2016.

Description of Research Interests: Liubov has broad backgrounds in applied mathematics and statistics with additional training and experience in bioinformatics. As a biostatistician on several NIH and PCORI grants, she applies her skills supporting the use of appropriate, advanced statistical and bioinformatics approaches to these projects at all stages (grant application, statistical analysis, and preparation of manuscripts), that resulted in many peer-reviewed publications where she was a first author or a co-author

Liubov provides the statistical support to the investigators who conduct a broad-spectrum analysis of biological fluids and tissues. She serves as a study analyst in clinical trials and in genome-wide meta-analyses for international genetic consortia (GIANT, GLGC, CHARGE, and GO). She works with large-scale microbiome and metabolomics data, performing quality control procedure, developing of statistical analysis plan and contributing to the manuscript as the analyst and a co-author.

Liubov is a member of the American College of Rheumatology and serves as a statistical reviewer in the Arthritis Care and Research journal.