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Study Visit Questions

Q: When do I contact you to schedule my study visit?
A: We ask that you call and/or email us as soon as you start your period (aka, “Day 1”). Your study visit will be on Day 2, 3, or 4 of your cycle. We check our emails regularly over the weekend, so if you period starts then, send us an email right away!

Q: What do you mean by “Day 1” of my cycle? Does spotting count?
A: Day 1 of your period is the first day you see real blood, not just spotting. We do not count spotting to be “Day 1” of your cycle.

Q: Will I get a copy of the lab results from my blood and urine samples?
A: Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with a copy of your blood and urine results. We will not process the samples until towards the end of the study, at which time your name would have been de-identified from the samples.

Q: Can I eat breakfast before coming in for my study visit?
A: Yes, you can eat prior to your study visit! We do not require a fasting blood draw. But, we do ask that you drink plenty of water before your visit!

Q: Do I need to bring anything to my study visit?
A: Yes, please remember to bring your first morning urine sample with you! You should receive a urine kit in the mail prior to your study visit.

Diary Questions

Q: I realized I made a mistake after submitting my daily diary. How do I fix this?
A: We will have to fix the diary entry for you. Send us an email, and we’ll make sure your diary is corrected as soon as possible!

Q: I forgot my password. Can you please reset it for me?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t reset your password for you. However, if you click on the “Forgot your password? Click Here.” link on the Diary Login page, you’ll be able to reset it yourself!

Q: The vitamin supplement and/or drug I use isn’t listed in the Drug Picker. What should I do?
A: If the supplement or drug is not on the Drug Picker list, please select the closest one to it in the list, based on the active ingredients. If there is nothing else listed that’s similar to it, you can enter it manually. You can find directions on how to enter your medications manually here.

Q: I take more than 6 medications daily, so can’t enter all of them into my diary. What should I do?
A: You should pick 5 medicines with the Drug Picker, then enter the rest manually in the Drug Picker text box. You can find directions on how to enter your medications manually here.

Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Questions

Q: What does the ovulation test tell me?
A: The ovulation tests detect a rise in your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) level, which happens about 24-36 hours before you ovulate.

Q: Should I wait for a positive ovulation test result before having sex?
A: No, you should not wait for a positive ovulation test to have sex! A woman’s most fertile period is the six days UP TO and INCLUDING the day of ovulation. Having sex AFTER ovulation has occurred is very unlikely to produce a pregnancy.

Q: Oh no! I’m out of tests. Should I go buy some from the store?
A: No need to run to the store–we’ll send you more! Email us, and we’ll send some out to you within 48 hours.

Q: What if I don’t get a positive ovulation test result?
A: Don’t stress if you don’t get a positive ovulation test result! Women can ovulate and not have a positive test result, which is just another reason not to wait for a positive test to have sex!

Ultrasound Questions

Q: Is the early pregnancy ultrasound safe?
A: Our study participants will be given a free endovaginal ultrasound, in which a narrow probe, just a little bit larger than a tampon, is placed inside the vagina. This allows measurement of structures smaller than a pencil eraser that cannot be seen with an abdominal ultrasound. Endovaginal ultrasounds are less invasive than a pelvic exam.

Q: Will I get to have a copy of my ultrasound? Can you send a copy to my OB?
A: Yes, we’ll give you a copy of your ultrasound scans, and would be more than happy to send a copy to your doctor. After your ultrasound, send us an email with who you’d like us to forward your results to, and we’ll make sure to do so right away!