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We’d like to take the opportunity today to recognize a few of our students on their tremendous achievements of late.

Stephanie Brocke and Roland Seim – recipients of the Jeffrey Houpt Innovator Award in Environmental Health Research. The Jeffrey Houpt Innovator Award is used to augment the biomedical graduate training at UNC with knowledge, skills, and teachings from other disciplines, thus aiming to surpass interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research approaches.

Aleah Bailey – recipient of the HHMI Gilliam Fellows Program. The program supports pairs of graduate students and their faculty advisers who, together, embody scientific leadership, an important component of which is a commitment to building an equitable and inclusive science culture.

Charlotte Love – recipient of the Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award. The purpose of this Kirschstein-NRSA program is to enable promising predoctoral students with potential to develop into a productive, independent research scientists, to obtain mentored research training while conducting dissertation research. The F31 is also used to enhance workforce diversity though a separate program.

Roland Seim – recipient of the 2023 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Award. The NDSEG Fellowship program was established in 1989 by direction of Congress as an approach to increasing the number of U.S. citizens receiving doctoral degrees in science and engineering disciplines of military importance.The highly competitive program has awarded nearly 4400 fellowships from over 65,000 applications since its inception in 1989.