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Liz Mutter-Rottmayer

Liz Mutter-Rottmayer was recently awarded the PhRMA Foundation’s competitive pre-doctoral fellowship in Pharmacology/Toxicology. With the help of her mentor, Dr. Cyrus Vaziri, Liz is currently conducting research to uncover how mechanisms of DNA repair may alter environmental susceptibility as well as the efficacy of chemotherapeutic genotoxins, thus contributing to carcinogenesis. This fellowship was received specifically for research investigating a cancer cell-specific regulator of the Fanconi Anemia DNA repair pathway and its contribution to resistance of type-I topoisomerase poisons, a class of commonly used chemotherapeutics. Liz ultimately wants to utilize an improved understanding of the molecular mechanisms of chemoresistance to develop more effective treatment options for patients. Liz’s research in the field of DNA damage tolerance contributed to a co-first authored publication in Nature Communications this past summer and recently resulted in her receiving the First Place prize for the 2016 Molecular and Systems Biology Specialty Section Graduate Student Research Award.”