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Am I prepared for the MPS in Toxicology coursework?

Students with a bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry, chemistry or related science will be best prepared for the study of toxicology. Basic knowledge of biochemistry, at the level offered by a comprehensive undergraduate course, will be important. However, the absence of a biochemistry course will not be sufficient for rejection of an otherwise competitive candidate. An appropriate course can be taken at UNC-Chapel Hill prior to the toxicology courses listed in the curriculum.

What are examples of courses I will take in this program?

The MPS in Toxicology program can be completed in 16 months by full-time students.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
TOXC 442 Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 3 hours
TOXC 707 Advanced Toxicology 3 hours
TOXC 722 Toxicology Seminar (1 credit hour per semester) 3 hours
PATH 713/714L Disease Mechanisms 5 hours
PATH 715 Systemic Pathology 5 hours
BIOS 600 Biostatistics Lecture/Lab 3 hours
GRAD 710 Professional Writing 1.5 hours
GRAD 711 Professional Presenting 1.5 hours
GRAD 712 Leadership in the Workplace 1.5 hours
GRAD 713 Applied Project Management 1.5 hours
GRAD 714 Introduction to Financial Accounting 1.5 hours
GRAD 721 Research Ethics 1 hour
GRAD 725 PSM Seminar Series (1 credit hour per semester) 3 hours
GRAD 989 Full-time internship at non-academic institution (10 weeks) 3 hours

*The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers a large selection of graduate level courses in the biomedical and environmental sciences, epidemiology, public health, computational biology, etc. Course descriptions can be found in the Graduate School Record: