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Past Events

2022—2023 Academic Year

5/23/2023: AIMS full-body meeting

5/1/2023: Bridge Builders Seminar Session: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

4/21/2023: Attended Career and College Fair at Cedar Ridge High School

3/27/2023: Medicine & Science Panel with Weldon STEM High School

3/24/2023: Medicine & Science Panel with Chatham High School

3/24/2023: Medicine & Science Panel with East Chapel Hill High School

1/19/2023: AIMS full-body meeting

12/12/2022: Bridge Builders Seminar Session: Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice by Raj Patel and Rupa Marya

11/19/2022: Neuroscience Medical Field Day

11/17/2022: Current Student – Alumni Meet & Greet

10/28/2022: Medicine and Science Panel with East Chapel Hill High School

10/13/2022: Navigating REUs

9/29/2022: Medicine & Science Panel with Apex High School

8/25/2022: AIMS full-body meeting


2021—2022 Academic Year

05/23/2022: Activate to Captivate Public Speaking Workshop

05/19/2022: AIMS member social and end-of-year Potluck

04/09/2022: Medical School Application Workshop

12/06/2021: Bench to Beyond Industry Career Panel

11/09/2021: Engaging with Science: How to Read Scientific Papers

10/08/2021: AIMS full-body meeting


2020—2021 Academic Year

05/06/2021: Service Outreach Virtual Visit and Medicine/Science Panel with Cedar Ridge High School

03/23/2021: Self-Advocacy Panel with Drs. Michelle Hernandez and Erin Malloy

03/20/21: Applying to Med School Workshop

12/03/2020: Pre-Interview Networking Session with UNC MD-PhD applicants

11/05/2020: AIMS All-members Outdoor Social

10/24/2020: AIMS-APSA South Atlantic Symposium

09/17/2020: AIMS Full-Body Meeting


2019—2020 Academic Year

05/20/2020: Time Management Webinar

May/June 2020- Recurring Applying to Med School Office Hours

02/11/2020: AIMS F30/NIH Biosketch Workshop

January/February 2020- Research Component of Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program

11/26/2019: Career Development Workshop

11/19/2019: Service Outreach Visit to Apex High School STEM Club


2018—2019 Academic Year

04/25/19: Faculty Mentor Social

04/6/19: AIMS/Carolina Genetics at UNC Science Expo

03/29/19: Meredith College visit to UNC

11/27/18: AIMS Wellness Event

10/03/18: Fall Social with AM-WISE and WiNS

08/22/18: Special Visit with Dr. Carmen Williams, Deputy Chief of Reproductive and Developmental Biology at NIEHS1

08/06/18: CV and Biosketch Workshop with Dr. Laura Young and Dr. Susan Henning


2017—2018 Academic Year

05/22/18: AMPWIS meeting to finalize the change to the Advocates for Inclusion in Medicine and Science (AIMS)

05/04/18: All Members’ Meeting to discuss the focus of AMPWIS

03/21/18: Undergraduate Panel Discussion about MD/PhD programs

03/01/18: Microaggressions and Harassment Panel with Associate Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Dent, Chair of Surgery Dr. Kibbe, Assistant Professor of Pathology Dr. Qian, and Women’s Center Program Coordinator Shelley Gist

12/12/17: All Members’ Meeting to discuss organizational structures

10/25/17: Fall Mentor Social with Dr. Toni Darville and Dr. Susan Henning

09/21/17: Article discussion on gender stereotypes and analysis of NIH R01 application critiques with Dr. Susan Henning and Dr. Rahima Benhabbour

07/25/17: Cantor’s Dilemma book club


2016—2017 Academic Year

04/18/17: Translational Research Dinner with Dr. Barbara Savoldo, Dr. Matthew Laughon, and Dr. Michael O’Shea

10/19/16: UNC AMPWIS Mentor Social with Dr. Donna Culton, Dr. Susan Henning, Dr. Kelly Giovanello, and Dr. Toni Darville.

10/28/16: Health and Humanities Workshop by Distinguished Bowman and Gray Professor Jane Thrailkill

10/05/16: Becoming an Informed Voter with Lanier Swann Hodgson, Director of State and Federal Policy for the NC Health Care System and UNC School of Medicine


2015—2016 Academic Year

07/19/16: Documentary Viewing & Discussion: Miss Representation

06/09/2016: UNC MD-PhD Alum-Student Mixer

05/14/2016: 3rd Annual Symposium for Advocates of Women Physician Scientists at MUSC

03/29/2016: Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

10/29/2015: Career Development Workshop – Working with Legislators (UNC/Duke)

10/01/2015: Faculty Mentor Panel and Social (UNC/Duke)

09/22/2015: Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

09/01/2015: Article Discussion – Equal Rights Amendment (UNC/Duke)


2014—2015 Academic Year

06/16/2015: June 16th 7pm – Book Club – Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World by Rachel Swaby (UNC/Duke)

05/16/2015: Annual AMPWIS Symposium at Duke

05/04/2015: Career Development – Advocacy and Policy (UNC/Duke)

04/07/2015: Faculty Mentor Panel and Social (UNC/Duke)

03/31/2015: Career Development Workshop – Personal Branding

03/25/2015: Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

03/12/2015: Invited Speaker – Dr. Matilda Nicholas (UNC/Duke)

02/19/2015: Career development – CV Information and Formatting (UNC)

01/13/2015: Tax Planning For Future Scientists and Physicians – Northwestern Mutual (UNC/Duke)

12/02/2014: Book Club – The Confidence Code (UNC/Duke)

11/11/2014: Invited Speaker – Dr. Priscilla Wyrick

10/21/2014: Article discussion (UNC/Duke)

10/01/2014: Faculty Mentor Social

09/24/2014: Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

09/10/2014: Financial Planning Panel – Northwestern Mutual (UNC/Duke)


2013—2014 Academic Year

05/2014: Business Meeting – Plan for events for next year and select leadership for upcoming year

5/3/14: Southeast Symposium for MD/PhD Women in Science

03/26/2014:  Mentor Panel – Dr. Angela Kashuba & Dr. Kelly Giovanello

02/4-14/2014:  :Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary 4th Grade Science Fair Projects (WInS, WISE, GWIS, WIB, and Duke)

1/10/14: Tracs Career Development Workshop – Working with Division Chiefs and Department Heads

1/23/14: Invited Speaker – Nancy Andrews, MD, PhD – Dean of Duke Medical School (UNC/Duke)

01/28-30/2014: Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary 4th Grade Science Fair Projects (WInS, WISE, GWIS, WIB, and Duke)

01/14-22/2014: Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary 4th Grade Science Fair Projects (WInS, WISE, GWIS, WIB, and Duke)

11/20/13: Career Development Workshop – 2 min NPR Speech (UNC/Duke)

11/13/13: Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary Health and Wellness Day

10/29/13: Book Club – Rosalind Franklin and DNA by Anne Sayre

10/11/13: TraCS Career Development Workshop – Business Pitches / Elevator Talks

09/20/13: TraCS Career Development Workshop – Early Career Transitions

09/24/13:  Mentor Panel featuring Dr. Donna Culton, Dr. Kim Rathmell, & Dr. Susan Henning

08/22/13: Article Discussion – Keeping Women in the Science Pipeline by Mary Ann Mason, Mind the Gender Gap by Helen Shen, and Reform Needed for Equality by Brigitte Mühlenbruch and Maren A. Jochimsen

08/12/2013: Potluck with Chancellor Folt

07/10/13: Book Club – Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg