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UNC Urology is delighted to announce the recent election of Dr. Kristy Borawski to the UNC Faculty Physicians Board. Dr. Borawski will serve as one of the three faculty representatives for small departments, reinforcing her dedication to not only the field of Urology but also her role as an ardent educator and collaborator within the broader UNC School of Medicine community.

About UNC Faculty Physicians:

UNC Faculty Physicians is the clinical service component of the UNC School of Medicine. Formerly known as UNC Physicians and Associates, the organization’s name was changed in 2013 to better reflect the academic focus of the School of Medicine clinical faculty. Comprising over 1,700 faculty physicians, UNC Faculty Physicians delivers a wide range of specialty and primary care services at the UNC Medical Center and various clinics across the state. Their mission is to ensure the effective management of the clinical faculty practice of the School of Medicine at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill while promoting a clinical setting conducive to education, research, and healthcare delivery throughout North Carolina.

The UNC Faculty Physicians Board consists of six at-large, full-time members elected by the membership to represent and address critical issues. Dr. Kristy Borawski was elected to represent the “Small Departments,” which include Urology, among others. The Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of clinical practice and medical education at UNC.

More About Dr. Borawski

Dr. Kristy Borawski earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College and completed her urologic residency at Duke University. Subsequently, she pursued a fellowship in Reconstructive Urology, Neurourology, and Urodynamics at Duke University, before joining UNC in 2010.

Throughout her tenure at UNC, Dr. Borawski’s commitment to quality of life-driven treatments and patient care has made her a highly respected figure in our community. She has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards and accolades.

Dr. Borawski was selected to participate in the “Leading Transformation in Academic Medicine (LTAM)” Program, an immersive leadership development opportunity at UNC School of Medicine’s Office of Faculty Affairs & Leadership Development.

Dr. Borawski’s excellence as an educator  has been recognized by awards such as the UNC Academy of Educators’ Craver Medical Student Teaching Award and her appointment as the Director of the Learning Environment for Undergraduate Medical Education. She was also named Urology Faculty Member of the Year.

In addition to her medical expertise, Dr. Borawski was awarded the “Friend of Nursing” Award in December 2022, highlighting her dedication to fostering collaboration between medical and nursing colleagues. This exemplifies her commitment to Carolina Care excellence.

We are proud to announce that in August 2023, Dr. Borawski was promoted to “Professor of Urology” within the Department of Urology, effective July 1st, 2023. Despite her many notable achievements, Dr. Borawski is widely recognized for her authentic, humble, and compassionate approach to the practice of medicine.