• Core sequencing QC

    Quality Control plots for sequencing runs done in house by Vironomics Core’s from 2011-2017  

  • UNC Super Collaboration

    An example of a recent custom single-cell sequencing project that we assisted with. It included a large number of UNC collaborations including: Dr. De Paris lab, UNC Flow Cytometry Core, UNC Vironomics Core, and UNC HTSF. At this year’s Research … Continued

  • Plot of the successful sequencing runs

    From July 2015-Feb 2017, the number of successful sequencing runs we’ve done in-house, generally with 1-2 staff.  

  • Vironomics Core successfully develops an improved ZIKV viral load assay

    The UNC Vironomics (viral genomics) Core aims to facilitate ZIKV research projects at UNC, from translational research, to animal studies, to high-throughput screening. Original CFAC proprosal See full story here