Edward Kernick, DPM

Associate Professor
Research:  human anatomy and neuroanatomy; central nervous system and motor control of limb muscles
Office:  442-2A Taylor Hall
Phone:  919-966-2287

Jean Lauder, PhD
Linda Levitch, PhD

Research:  teaches gross anatomy to medical and dental students

Richard F. Loeser, Jr., MD

Office:  3300 Thurston Building
Phone:  919-966-7042
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Damaris Lorenzo, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:   Membrane and cellular dynamics, cellular bioenergetics, metabolic regulation and disease, regulation of brain development and connectivity, neurological disorders
Office:  5341C MBRB
Phone:  919-966-6412

P. Kay Lund, PhD

Research:  insulin, IGFs, obesity and gastrointestinal disease; normal and cancer associated intestinal stem cells; fibrosis in inflammatory bowel diseases; aging and stem cells 

Scott Magness, PhD

Associate Professor
Office:  4337 MBRB
Phone:  919-966-2284

Ben Major, PhD

Associate Professor
Research:  proteomic and functional genomic analysis of signal transduction.  Protein interaction networks, computational biology, mass spectrometry, WNT signaling, KEAP1-NRF2, lung cancer.
Office:  31-322 LCCC
Phone:  919-966-9835
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Paul Manis, PhD

Research:   cellular basis of information processing in the auditory system
Office:  G127 Physician Office Building
Phone:  919-843-9318
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Marianne Meeker, PhD

Teaching Assistant Professor
Research:  curriculum development for science education outreach
Office:  5200G MBRB
Phone:  919-966-6731