How We Work

There are three general ways that user labs interface with us:

Collaborative Project
The core facility lab becomes your collaborator. We get intellectually invested in your project as well as provide mentoring and supervision to your staff that will be working in the core facility. We will work alongside and mentor your personnel, help them with experimental design and analysis, as well as aid your lab with grant writing and manuscript preparation.

Extension of your Lab
The core facility is setup so that an experienced scientist can come in and operate independently. If you have appropriately experienced staff they are free to use the facility to conduct their research, so long as the facility director is confident in their abilities. In all likelihood some limited training will be necessary on our equipment and operations.

Independent Project
In the event that you do not have the staff and/or the interest the core facility has all the expertise and equipment necessary to independently tackle your structural biology project (or some aspects of it) for you.

At any time you can adjust how you interface with us, our mission is to help you accomplish your research goals in whatever way is best for you.