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The facility offers a full range of crystallography services. Outlined below are our standardized services. More detailed information on each service is available on the individual Crystallization, Diffraction and the Training, Expertise and Consultation pages.

In addition to these, the MX facility is able to accommodate many other types of crystallographic experiments. These are typically unique to each project and will be billed as close as possible to actual costs (non-profit, as we are a recharge center); this will include all consumables and staff time required. Contact the Director for more information.

We also allow and encourage users with prior experience to use the facilities autonomously. To do so, users must undergo training and/or be certified as an independent operator by our staff. Training time typically varies with each user and activity.

Our primary mission is to provide services to UNC users, but we also offer our services to external users including non-UNC academic users and commercial companies.

Sample analysis with mass photometry

  • Assessment of mono- or poly-dispersity
  • Can identify aggregates or complex oligomeric distributions that would prohibit crystallization

Crystallization Services

  • High Throughput Crystallization Screening and Monitoring
  • Customized Crystallization Screen Design and Generation
  • Custom Crystallization Screening and Optimization
  • UV Fluorescence and White Light Imaging of Crystallization Drops
  • Mass photometry to assess oligomeric state / monodispersity

Diffraction Services

  • X-Ray Diffraction Screening
  • X-Ray Diffraction data acquisition
  • General Crystallography Laboratory Use
  • Computer Resources
  • Synchrotron Access

Training, Expertise and Consultation