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In addition to the major pieces of equipment featured below, the facility is fully equipped to handle all common crystallographic experiments, crystal imaging, crystal shipment, and data analysis.

Please contact the core Director to schedule use of Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography equipment and instrumentation.

X-ray Diffraction


Bruker Venture D8 with dual Mo/Cu sealed sources, Oxford Cryosystems cold stream, and APEX shutterless pixel array detector

Through a partnership with the UNC-CH Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography Lab (XCL) in the Department of Chemistry, we have recently acquired this new home source to enable 21st century crystal screening and full data acquisition.

Rigaku Micromax 007HF (Cu anode)

Crystallization Robotics


TCP Labtech Mosquito drop-setter robot


TCP Labtech Apricot 96-channel automated transfer robot


Douglas Instruments Ltd Oryx4 drop-setter robot


Jansi UVEX plate hotel with automated white / UV light microscope


Leica microscope 1


Leica microscope 2

Refeyn One mass photometer


Formulatrix FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching)


Rigaku LN-40 liquid nitrogen generation and storage system

Synchrotron Access

UNC is a member of SER-CAT, which operates two beamlines (22-ID and 22-BM) located in the advanced photon source at Argonne National Labs. UNC owns two shares which translates into 288 hours of synchrotron beamtime each year.

Computing Resources

  • We maintain a server with 20 TB RAID storage for your data.