Gift Transmittal

Special Situations Section of University Policy 302 – General Receipts and Deposits policy 302 states that all gifts (private, charitable contributions from individuals or organizations) must be deposited through the Office of University Development and should not be directed through the Cashier’s Office. 

The Office of University Development is charged with providing donors with official tax receipts for gifts to the University.  A receipt provided by any other department (other than a related foundation) may be disallowed by the IRS, thereby jeopardizing the donor’s charitable deduction. Additionally, donors whose gifts are not entered into the University-wide alumni database (DAVIE) are not included for stewardship or recognition. 

UNC-CH Revenue Transmittal Form - Please use this form for all University gifts and endowments.

MFNC Revenue Transmittal Form - Please use this form for all other deposits.