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We have created a Funds Flow frequently asked questions page. To quickly find an answer, select one of the topics listed below.


Question: When is the MGMA data released? And when is the 3 year rolling average updated?

Answer: The MGMA report is released every summer. We will publish the newest data, but the 3 year rolling average is always two years behind to allow the option for benchmark specialty requests. For instance, the FY21 averages are based on MGMA data from 2017-2019.

Question: If a Faculty MD switches to a different home department in the middle of the FY, will the funds then flow to that new department?

Answer: Yes, if a Faculty MD moves from one department to another the funds will flow to that new department in the month the Faculty moves. Please note: the change has to be entered and approved in ConnectCarolina HR before it becomes effective in Funds Flow.

  • For example: Faculty X is in 411490 (Hematology) and moves to 411491 (Oncology) in January, the action has been completed and approved in ConnectCarolina HR, the funds will then move to 411491 in January.

Question: What is the list of prorates, and the percentages for each?


Prorate Description FY18 and prior %’s Starting in FY19 FF %’s
Shared Services 14.5% 14.5%
Rent 0.5% 0.9%
Enterprise 2.3% 2.5%
Admin 0.4% 0.6%
Dean’s Tax 4.6% 2.5%
Temp one Time Assessment 2.7%
Total 25% 21%
  • Starting in FY19 FF: prorates on net receipts and UPL
  • FY18 and prior: net receipts less drug cost taxed 25%
  • FY18 and prior: UPL taxed 22.3% (not shown in table)

Question: Does the calculation for the Funds Flow 50% self-pay adjustment include the self-pay discount?

Answer: No, the calculation is based off of gross charges.




Question: It is normal for an award notice to be late, requiring retro actions to add the project ID to an employee’s funding grid. How will that work in regards to cFTE? For example: Dr. Smith is 80% cFTE. In August he gets notice of a grant supporting 20% effort. However, the retro to payroll cannot be made until January, therefore his cFTE will be “incorrect” August – December.

Answer: The Funds Flow team will true up the reimbursements impacted by cFTE.



Question: Beginning in FY19 will a deactivated source be available to use in the financial systems (i.e. vouchers, budgets, journals, etc.)?

Answer:No. The source will no longer display in the lookups.