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Richard Jude Samulski, Director

Richard Jude Samulski, Director

The University of North Carolina School of Medicine created the Gene Therapy Center in 1996 with the goal of merging molecular genetics research with healthcare delivery. The Gene Therapy Center provides important resources to academic investigators through two core facilities created to support preclinical and clinical gene therapy studies. These facilities, the Vector Core and the Human Applications Laboratories, were created to ensure that investigators would have promising gene vectors available in the quality and quantities needed for preclinical or clinical studies. Research in the laboratory has centered on the molecular biology of adeno-associated virus (AAV) in order to exploit the unique features of this virus to develop an efficient viral vector system for use in human gene therapy. Continued efforts in understanding the mechanism of viral replication and integration for both wild-type and recombinant AAV are being pursued in order to create more efficient gene transfer vectors. The ultimate goal of the Gene Therapy Center is to facilitate the progression and translation of gene therapy research from the laboratory bench into Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of human disease. Click here to learn more about our gene therapy research.


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Senator Burr (R-NC) spoke before the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee on the need for rare disease treatments.

Sen. Richard Burr on Capitol Hill

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UNC Vector Core provides vector production services for research, preclinical and clinical grade materials.

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