Lisa Carey, MD
Chief, Division of Hematology and Oncology
The Richardson and Marilyn Jacobs Preyer Distinguished Professor in Breast Cancer Research
Physician-in-Chief, North Carolina Cancer Hospital
Associate Director for Clinical Research, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Administrative Assistant -

Nigel Key, MD
Vice Chief Benign Hematology
Administrative Assistant -

Hyman Muss, MD
Vice Chief Solid Tumor
Administrative Assistant -

Jonathan Serody, MD
Vice Chief Hematologic Malignancies
Administrative Assistant -

Tom Shea, MD
Director of the BMT Service Line
Administrative Assistant -

Associate Chief of Administration Administrative Assistant -
(919) 966-4433

Jamie Germain, MSM, CRA
Business Manager, Division of Hematology/Oncology
(919) 445-0161

Other SPA and EPA Non-Faculty Staff

Starr Church
Benign Hematology Section
Sickle Cell Program Manager
Administrative Officer
(919) 966-0178

Christine Hill
University Program Specialist
Benign Hematology Section
UNC HTC 340B Pharmacy Program
(919) 843-3960

Steven Humes, MPH
Hemophilia Program
Regional Coordinator
(919) 843-0527

Clerical Staff

Administrative Assistant, APP and Fellowship Program
(919) 445-6370 

Divisional Human Resources Support
(919) 966-2891

Accounting Specialist
(919) 962-4886

Benign Hematology Section
Sickle Cell Program
(919) 966-0178

Cancer Outcomes Research Program
Program Coordinator
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Ethan Basch
(919) 962-5357
Jeanne Guerra
Breast Section
Executive Assistant to Dr. Lisa Carey
(919) 843-6814

Melissa Haines
Clinical Protocol Office Liaison
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Claire Dees, Dr. Carrie Lee, and Dr. Hanna Sanoff
(919) 843-7719

Robin Haring
Comprehensive Cancer Support Program
Department of Psychiatry
Administrative Assistant Specialist to Dr. Donald Rosenstein
(919) 966-3494

Terri King
Fellowship Training Program Assistant
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Frances Collichio and Dr. Alice Ma
(919) 966-1996

Erin Laurie
Breast Section
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Carey Anders, Dr. Trevor Jolly, Dr. Hyman Muss, and Dr. Katherine Reeder-Hayes
(919) 966-3856

GI, Hematology, Melanoma Sections
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Cheryl Carlson, Dr. Michael Lee, Dr. Autumn McRee Dr. Stergios Moschos, Dr. William Wood and Dr. Joshua Zeidner
(919) 966-5902

Accounting Specialist
(919) 966-2268 

Sam Middleton, Jr.
Genitourinary Section
Executive Assistant to Dr. Matthew Milowsky, NCCH Clinic Medical Director
(919) 843-7942
(919) 966-5586
Bone Marrow Transplant Section
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Matthew Foster, Dr. Satish Gopal, Dr. Katarzyna Jamieson, Dr. Marcie Riches, and Dr. Tom Shea
(919) 966-7746

Hematologic Malignancies Section
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Paul Armistead, Dr. James Coghill, Dr. Jonathan Serody, and Dr. Benjamin Vincent
(919) 962-8409

Brains, Head & Neck, Lung, Melanoma, Multiple Myeloma, & Sarcoma Sections
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Ann Beaven, Timothy Brotherton, Dr. Paul Godley, Dr. Juneko Grilley-Olson, Dr. William Kim, Dr. Chad Pecot, Dr. Tracy Rose, Dr. Sascha Tuchman, Dr. Hank van Deventer, and Dr. Young Whang
(919) 966-3856

Neuroscience and Hematology Groups
Administrative Assistant to – Dr. Jared Weiss, Dr. Catherine Coombs, Dr. Christopher Dittus, Dr. Natalie Grover, Dr. Brandi Reeves and Dr. Simon Khagi and Dr. Kenneth Ataga
(919) 843-7718