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Who are we?

We are an organization of students and preceptors with a mission to recognize and promote community service within our medical school community and beyond. Each year we organize a community service day to celebrate medical student and preceptor service projects and contributions. We also publish a newsletter educating our community about service activities and the students and preceptors involved in them. We are expanding our mission as we link up with other organizations and individuals in our institution also focused on our common goal of encouraging public service.

Community Service Day 2018 is April 20, 2018. Stay posted!

This year's application is combined with the Alcott Fellowship and the Salber-Phillips Award. A section is also present in the application describing the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship which is a separate online application.

Please note that the sites above may still have old information regarding application specifics; most of the information is the same, however the above Fellowships/Awards are using the combined application with the exception of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

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Helen Powell, Co-President

Aisha Amuda, Co-President