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How to make an appointment, referral, or call:

Center for Rehabilitation Care:
(1807 Fordham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514)

Phone: Please call our Patient Scheduling Line at 984-974-9747.

EPIC or UNC Carelink:

  • Place an order (referral) for ““Ambulatory Referral to Physical Med and Rehab”
    OR if this is for the COVID Recovery Clinic the department is: “UNC PMR COVID RECOVERY CLINIC CRC CHAPEL HILL”
  • Department Specialty: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Please also include a diagnosis, reason for referral, and provider’s name (if applicable).
  • Medical records can be uploaded with the referral or faxed to 984-974-9786.
  • For questions, please call 984-974-9747.

COVID Recovery Clinic: A provider referral is required for all new patients.  The referral packet must include the completed new patient referral form and recent medical records (fax 984-215-2643).  Upon receiving the complete referral paperwork, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.   

What to Expect at the Center for Rehabilitation Care Visit

Front Desk Team/Check In:

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment and check in at the front desk each visit. Complete any necessary paperwork.
  • Your name, date of birth, address, phone number , email address and insurance information will be confirmed and/or updated.
  • If you want to see a financial counselor, please ask any member of our team. Nursing Care Team:
  • Your height, weight, blood pressure and /or pain score will be taken. We may also review and update your current medicines and allergies for your safety.

Care Provider:

  • We are a teaching center committed to excellence so a doctor in training may assist in your care today and see you before your provider sees you.
  • Your provider will review your medical history.
  • You may ask your provider questions about your health. Please remember to ask for any prescription refills you may need before your next visit.
  • Your treatment plan and medicines will be updated

Additional Tests:

  • Your provider may order imaging for you. These services are located at the nearby UNC Hospitals Imaging and Spine Center. If you prefer to have imaging done elsewhere please let your provider know.
  • Lab work ordered by your provider can usually be drawn here in our clinic.

Front Desk Team/Check Out:

  • We try our best to schedule follow up appointments and/or referrals by your provider. Reminders will be sent.
  • Any payment due for services will be collected at this time.
  • If you miss clinic appointments without notifying us, you will be asked to get a new referral from your primary care doctor.

If at any time you would like an update on the status of any of the steps above, please ask any of our team members for an update.


Spine Center:
(1350 Raleigh Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517)

Phone: Please call the Spine Center’s Main Line at 984-974-4200.

UNC Epic:

  • Place an order (referral) for “Ambulatory referral to Spine Center”
  • After ‘Is this a spine referral for’ select “non-surgical consultation”
  • Complete required field with previous treatments tried and imaging obtained.
  • Please also include a diagnosis, reason for referral, and provider’s name (if applicable).
  • Medical records can be uploaded with the referral or faxed to 984-974-6740
  • For questions, please call 984-974-4200

Inpatient Rehabilitation:
(430 Waterstone Dr, Hillsborough, NC 27278)

Phone Numbers:

Rehab Intake Office: 984-974-0340
Nurse’s Station A: 984-974-5666


  • Medical records can be faxed to 984-974-6898. Please include H&P, most recent physician progress notes, OT/PT/SLP evaluations, most recent therapy notes, and medication records.

*If potential patient is currently at home, an Initial Evaluation with one of our PM&R physicians is required (please see CRC instructions above). Specify interest in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation evaluation when making the appointment.

UNC Epic:

  • Consult Epic orders: Inpatient consult to Physical Medicine Rehab
  • Referral Epic inbasket: UNC Medical Center- Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility