Jack M. Stutts

M. Jack Stutts


(1971) Wake Forest University
Winston Salem NC

(1974) Georgia Technical Institute of Tech
Atlanta GA

(1978) U. of North Carolina
Chapel Hill NC

Academic Title:
Associate Professor of Medicine

Office:   6023 Thurston Bowles
Phone:  919-966-7056
Fax:      Fax: 919-966-7524
Email:   hoopster@med.unc.edu

Research Interests:

Epithelial Ion Transport

Recent Publications:


  1. Huang P., Trotter KW, Boucher RC, Milgram SL, Stutts MJ. Protein Kinases A activity closely associated with CFTR channels in excised patches. Am J Physiol,200 Feb; 278(2):C417-C422.
  2. Donaldson S., ER Lazarowski, M Picher, MR Knowles, MJ Stutts and RC Boucher. Basal Nucleotide Levels, Release, and Metabolism in Normal and Cystic Fibrosis. Mol Med Accepted, 2000.
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  4. Mohler PJ, Kreda SM, Boucher RC, Sudol M, Stutts MJ, Milgram SL. Yes-associated protein 65 localizes p62 (c-Yes) to the apical compartment of airway epithelia by association with EBP50. J Cell Biol. 1999 Nov 15; 147(4): 879-890.
  5. Schwiebert EM, Benos DJ, Egan ME, Stutts MJ, Guggino WB, CFTR is a conductance regulator as well as a chloride channel. Physiol Re.1999 Jan; 79 (1 Suppl):S145-66.
  6. In Prepartion and Submitted
  7. Huang P, Boucher RC, Milgram SL, Stutts MJ. Signaling from adenosine receptors to CFTR is compartmentalized at the apical membrance. In preparation for AJP Cell.
  8. Mohler PJ, Huang P., Stutts MJ, Milgram SL. Scaffolds and compartmentalized signals in epithelial cells. In preparation for Cell Biochem Biophys
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