James Yankaskas

James Yankaskas


(1969) MIT
Cambridge MA

(1972) New York U.
New York NY

(1978) U. of Connecticut School of Med
Farmington CT

Internship and Residency: 
(1978-81) Internal Medicine
U. of North Carolina
Chapel Hill NC

Clinical Fellowship: 
(1981-82) Duke U. Medical Center
Durham NC

Research Fellowship: 
(1982-84) U. of North Carolina
Chapel Hill NC

Academic Title:
Michael E. Hatcher Professor of Medicine

Office:   4007-A Thurston-Bowles Bldg.
Phone:  919-966-7054
Fax:      919-966-7524
Email:   James_Yankaskas@med.unc.edu

Research Interests:

  1. Physiology of human airway epithelia. Development and use of fresh human tissues, primary cultures and cell lines to evaluate molecular and physiological functions of airway epithelia from normal and diseased tissues.
  2. Cystic fibrosis in adults. Basic science and clinical studies of disease pathophysiology, treatment, and care measures to improve the duration and quality of life
  3. Use of systems based quality improvement methods to imrpvoe care delivery and outcomes in adult CF, pulmonary clinic, and Medical ICU's.

Recent Publications:

2000 - Present:

  1. V.J. Wheat, H. Shumaker, C. Burnham, G.E. Shull, J.R. Yankaskas, and M. Soleimani. CFTR induces the expression of DRA along with Cl /HCO3- exchange activity in tracheal epithelial cells. Am. J. Physiol. 279:C62-C71, 2000.
  2. J.R. Yankaskas and R. Aris. Outpatient care of the cystic fibrosis patient after lung transplantation. Curr. Opin. Pulm. Med. 6:551-557, 2000.
  3. L. Gao, J.R. Yankaskas, C.M. Fuller, E.J. Sorscher, S. Matalon, H.J. Forman, and C.J. Venglarik. Chlorzoxazone or 1-EBIO increases Na+ absorption across cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells. Am. J. Physiol. 281: L1123-L1129, 2001.
  4. S.H. Randell, D.L. Walstad, U.E. Schwab, B.R. Grubb, and J.R. Yankaskas. Isolation and culture of airway epithelial cells from chronically infected human lungs. In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim. 2001; 37:480-489.
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