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The Information Security & Privacy staff support the goals of the UNC School of Medicine by promoting a secure information technology environment.


  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the school's data.
  • Create and sustain information security awareness.
  • Provide reference information and tools to assist you with security and privacy related issues that are prevalent within the School of Medicine's network.

Security News
Project SIR: How to identify sensitive data on your computer At UNC we all have a responsibility to protect sensitive information that we have created or has been entrusted to us. Identity Finder is a tool that is available to scan and remediate sensitive data on your computer. Read more about Identity Finder and how to move sensitive data to a secure location. Nov 19, 2015
Project SIR: Help protect our sensitive information Read a letter from Paul Godley, MD, PhD, MPP, vice dean, finance and administration, on Project SIR, an ongoing effort to help faculty and staff identify, correctly store or delete sensitive information. Nov 12, 2015
OIS Security Bytes: Move Your Sensitive Data NOW! Do you work with sensitive data (MRNs, SSNs, etc.)? If so, it is YOUR responsibility to protect that information. The safest location for University data is secure network storage. Read more about Project SIR and how you can secure sensitive information stored on your computer. Oct 29, 2015
OIS Security Bytes – Project SIR The Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR, is a campus-wide initiative with the purpose to scan, find, delete and/or secure sensitive information. OIS in conjunction with ITS is working with the entire School of Medicine community to provide the tools, procedures and reporting necessary to help data owners discover all of the sensitive information that they may have and to provide options to secure such information. Oct 15, 2015
OIS Security Bytes: VPN Change: 9/30/15 UNC’s Office of Information Systems will be posting bite-size IT Security tips for our users. As IT security concerns become more a part of our everyday life, awareness is one of our best allies. This week's Byte focuses on the upcoming change to UNC VPN settings. For more information, contact your local IT Support or chat with us at help.med.unc.edu. Sep 17, 2015