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The Information Security & Privacy staff support the goals of the UNC School of Medicine by promoting a secure information technology environment.


  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the school's data.
  • Create and sustain information security awareness.
  • Provide reference information and tools to assist you with security and privacy related issues that are prevalent within the School of Medicine's network.

Security News
Alert: Uptick in Phishing email scams OIS has seen an uptick in a new email phishing campaign asking staff to click on a link to continue accessing your mailbox. Remember, UNC will never send an email with links asking you to verify your mailbox or increase your mailbox size. Read more for instructions on how to report phishing messages. Oct 06, 2016
Phishing attempts continue Recently, the University has seen an increase in the number of "phishing" emails. Read these tips for how to spot and deal with a suspicious email. Mar 17, 2016
"Spear Phishing" attack targets School of Medicine Recently, members of the UNC School of Medicine community have been targeted in an email scam known as “spear phishing.” This form of phishing is especially dangerous because messages are tailored to the recipient and appear to be from a trusted source. Read more about "spear phishing" and what to do if you receive a suspicious email. Feb 11, 2016
Check your version of Internet Explorer Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer versions older than IE11. OIS recommends updating to IE11 or Microsoft Edge so that you will receive the latest security updates. For computers managed by the UNC AD domain, Internet Explorer will be updated to IE11 automatically, starting January 26, 2016. Jan 14, 2016
Project SIR: How to identify sensitive data on your computer At UNC we all have a responsibility to protect sensitive information that we have created or has been entrusted to us. Identity Finder is a tool that is available to scan and remediate sensitive data on your computer. Read more about Identity Finder and how to move sensitive data to a secure location. Nov 19, 2015