Awards Presented by General Surgery Chiefs

 Rookie of the Year Award

2016 Kandace McGuire. MD
2015 Amy Alger, MD
2014 not awarded
2013 Sang Lee, MD
2012 Reza Rahbar, MD
2011 Kimberly Erickson, MD
2010 Robert Brock Goodwin, DO
2009 Christopher Rupp, MD
2008 Timothy Sadiq, MD
2007 Elizabeth Dreesen, MD


Teacher of the Year Award

2016Mark Koruda, MD
2015Hartwig Bunzendahl, MD
2014Reza Rahbar, MD
2013Reza Rahbar, MD
2012 Sean McLean, MD
2011 Patricia Lange, MD
2010 Timothy Sadiq, MD
2009 Timothy Sadiq, MD
2008 Michael Meyers, MD
2007 Michael Meyers, MD


Mark J. Koruda, MD, Resident Advocate Award

2016Mike Meyers, MD
2015Sean McLean, MD
2014H.J. Kim, MD
2013Michael Meyers, MD
2012 Michael Meyers, MD
2011 Hong Jin Kim, MD
2010 Christopher Rupp, MD
2009 Christopher Rupp, MD
2008 Timothy Sadiq, MD
2007 Timothy Weiner, MD


Anthony A. Meyer Mentor of the Year

2016Tim Sadiq, MD
2015Michael O. Meyers, MD
2014Anthony Charles, MD
2013Anthony Charles, MD
2012 Anthony Charles, MD
2011 David Ollila, MD
2010 Michael Meyers, MD
2009 Timothy Weiner, MD
2008 Timothy Weiner, MD
2007 Daniel von Allmen, MD


Lynn Farber Advanced Practice Provider of the Year

2016Robin D. Koonce, RN, MSN, CPNP
2015Audrey Merinar, PA
2014Blaine Brower, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
2013Lynn Farber, RN, CPNP


Surgical Service of the Year

2016SRH Service
2015GI Surgery
2013GI Surgery
2012 Lower GI
2011 Lower GI
2010 Lower GI
2009 Surgical Oncology
2008 Pediatric Surgery
2007 Surgical Oncology