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George F. Sheldon
The George F. Sheldon, MD Surgical Research Award is named after the late Zach D. Owens Distinguished Professor of Surgery Dr. George F. Sheldon. Dr. Sheldon was Chair of the Department of Surgery from 1984-2001 and served as President of the American College of Surgeons 1998-1999, in addition to being President of all the major surgical associations at various points in his celebrated career.

This award is given to the medical student or resident in training with the most outstanding research presentation during the annual Womack Surgical Society meeting. Entrants are judged upon the quality of abstract as well as the oral presentation, decided upon by a faculty panel and guest professors. The award includes $500 cash and recognition at the Annual Womack Reception Friday evening.


2023 Kevin Chen, MD
Joseph Kearney, MD
2022 Jaclyn Portelli Tremont, MD
2019 Mia Klein, MD
2018 Mia Klein, MD
2016 Jared Gallaher, MD
Jacqueline Carr, MD
2015 Megan Quintana, MD
2014 Robert J. Torphy, MD