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In 1969, the founding members of the Nathan A. Womack Surgical Society created an endowment to support to Womack Scholarship Award. This award was to be given to an outstanding individual who had served as a surgical house officer in the Department of Surgery of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. House officers of all divisions of the Department were eligible to receive the award. It was envisioned that the award would be given to one senior house officer and need not be given each year. The purpose of the award was to recognize in a surgical house officer those qualities of general academic excellence epitomized by Dr. Womack. The candidates for the award should have demonstrated excellence in teaching, investigation, and patient care, and contributed to the residency and the Department by exemplifying the personal attributes and professional commitment that reflect credit on Surgery and on its residency programs. The original award was $500 plus $500 to further the recipient’s surgical education. The recipient’s name would be engraved on a plaque displayed in the surgical conference room, the presentation made at a time and date set by the Chairman of the Department of Surgery. It was anticipated that members of the Womack Surgical Society would be invited to attend these presentations, and that the presentation would be held at a time that would be relatively convenient for at least some members to attend. The Womack Society has volunteered to increase the endowment and monetary awards, and does so from time to time when requested by the Department.

The Womack Scholars represent all the surgical disciplines and have had distinguished careers. As leaders in American surgery, they bring credit to themselves and to the Department of Surgery and the University of North Carolina.

The Nathan A. Womack Scholars:

2022 Emilie Barnes, MD
2021 Hadley Wilson, MD
2019 Michael Williford, MD
2018 Teddy Puzio, MD
2017 Kristen Sell-Dottin, MD
2016 Ashish Jain, MD
2015 Staci Beamer, MD
2014 Jessica Cioffi, MD
2013 Jeff Dehmer, MD
2012 Jeffrey Carter, MD
2011 Aaron Garrison, MD
2010 Paul Riesenman, MD
2009 Tach Bhati, MD
2008 Lindsee McPhail, MD
2007 Michael Houston, MD
2006 Tim Sadiq, MD
2005 Michael Houston, MD
Heather Neuman, MD
2004 Brian Clark, MD
Brendan Campbell, MD
2003 Robert Mendes, MD
2002 Mark Papenhausen, MD
2001 Robert Mendes, MD
1999 Walter W. Scott, MD
Jeffrey E. Abrams, MD
1998 C. Scott Hultman, MD
1997 John Iskandar, MD
1996 Andy Kiser, MD
1995 Robert Slater, MD
David Witsell, MD
1994 Mark Hennington, MD

Wendell Yarbrough, MD

1993 Douglas R. Dirschl, MD
1992 Rosa E. Cuenca, MD
Richard E. Davis, MD
1991 Kevin D. Nolan, MD
1990 J. Gregory Staffel, MD
Douglas E. Paull, MD
1989 Louis C. Almekinders, MD
James D. Sidman, MD
1988 Joe L. Camps, Jr., MD
John D. Crouch, MD
1987 Manning M. Goldsmith III, MD
1986 Herbert O. Phillips IV, MD
1985 Daniel L. Paull, MD
1984 Raleigh O. Jones, MD
1983 Gilbert R. Schorlemmer, MD
1982 Glenn M. Preminger, MD
1981 James A. Battaglini, MD
Ritchie P. Gillespie, MD
1980 Ormond C. Mendes, MD
1979 Stephen R. Grubb, MD
1978 Terry L Fry, MD
1977 Bruce L. Kihlstrom, MD
1976 Ronald L. Blumoff, MD
1975 Lewis C. Williams, MD
1974 Timothy N. Taft, MD
1973 Noel B. McDevitt, MD
1972 Joey M. Carter, MD
1971 Edgar C. Garrabrant, MD
1970 Robert D. Croom III, MD