Lung transplant research leaps forward

An article in UNC's Endeavors magazine, a publication about discoveries and creativity at the university, highlights the research of Dr. Thomas Egan and his collaborators.

Lung transplant research leaps forward click to enlarge Dr. Egan and patient Joy Cook, who received a lung transplant in 2006, in her senior year at UNC. (Update: We are sad to report that Joy died May 18, 2014.) (2010 photo from Endeavors magazine)

They are now testing and perfecting a new technology that could drastically increase the number of lungs suitable for transplant. Egan thinks it could also help surgeons to draw from a new donor pool - people who have died outside the hospital and have not been on life support.

The article also features two of Dr. Egan's lung transplant patients.

To read the Endeavors article, click here.