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Whitehead Medical Society

Greetings classmates, 

As the Whitehead Medical Society Co-Presidents, we would like to welcome everyone to the start of 2016-2017 academic year.  This is an exciting time of the year as the new Foundation 1 (MS1) students start their medical education, Foundation 2 (MS2) students continue to expand their systems-based knowledge, MS3s navigate the clinical setting with an accelerated schedule, and MS4s start their preparations for residency.  Leave-of-absence students also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base through various experiences.  We love UNC School of Medicine because of the diverse student interests, the commitment of students to local and global service, the activity of our student organizations, and the dedication of our faculty and administration to serving as professional role models and advocates for our medical education.

The Whitehead Medical Society, formed in 1908, is the student government of UNC School of Medicine. It consists of forty student officers representing various student interests from all four years and the three medical campuses in Chapel Hill, Asheville, and Charlotte. Our interests as an organization include improving medical education, creating and ensuring a pleasant learning environment, planning events to celebrate our school, and many others.  We work to serve the educational, social, and personal interests of all medical students at the University of North Carolina. 

On our website, we strive to introduce you to our current WMS Officers, describe the roles and responsibilities of our officers, and present upcoming WMS events.  Recurring opportunities within WMS include Dr. Julie Byerley’s Town Hall Meetings, participating in course focus groups, or attending WMS events like the Medical School Gala or Skit Night.  All students, not just WMS members, are welcome to attend our monthly meetings, and minutes from past meetings are available on our WMS website. Additional items found on our website include: our constitution, links to our social media pages, student organization forms, past Skit Night videos, and more!

Our goal is to serve you and ensure that your experience at UNC School of Medicine is one that you will reflect on fondly for years to come. Please feel free to email us or any other WMS officer with questions or concerns you may have.  Let us know how we can best serve you!  

Alex Plattner and Julia Gray Saunders

Whitehead Medical Society Co-Presidents

Additionally, if you notice problems with the website, please email