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About the Program

The Cicerone Mentor Program was established in the summer of 2015 to create an opportunity for peer mentorship within the UNC School of Medicine across the four classes including leave of absence students pursuing advanced degrees and research endeavors. Students who are interested are asked to complete a form providing information such as:

  • intended specialty
  • hobbies outside of medicine
  • extracurricular activities, etc.

Based on these responses, matches are made.

There is a kick off even in September at the beginning of each year for student families to mingle and meet each other. Each Cicerone Family consists of one student from each class of the medical school to foster mentorship. This organization is led by the Student Government Chief Advocates of all years (Foundation II, Application, Individualization)


1. Provide students in the pre-clinical years with peer mentorship from upper level medical students

2. Strengthen the sense of community between classes and in the school as a whole