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hugh_williamsonNamed for Hugh Williamson M.D.

•Born on Oterara Creek, in West Nottingham Township, Pa., on December 5, 1735

•and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia in 1757.

•He was a professor of mathematics in the College of Philadelphia and then studied medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Utrecht, Holland.

•Best known for representing North Carolina at the Constitutional Convention.

•A signer of the Declaration of Independence

•One of the original trustees of the University of North Carolina.

•Returned to Philadelphia where he practiced medicine and engaged in business.

•He was a member of the American Philosophical Society as well as a member of the commission to observe the transits of Venus and Mercury in 1773. At the time of the “Boston Tea Party” he was examined in England by the privy council. He returned to America

•in 1776 settled in Edenton, N.C. where he engaged in mercantile pursuits.

•During the Revolutionary War he was surgeon general of the North Carolina troops from 1779-1782.

Dr. Williamson embodies the spirit of civic pride and service that we hope to nurture in our students.