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Who is my advisor?

You can find a list of students and their advisors on the find your advisor page. Just search the names in alphabetical order, or hit Ctrl + F to do a search on the page for your name.

How often should I meet with my advisor?

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor as often as they desire. However, the requirements for each year can be found at the following link meeting requirements.

Why are the individual meetings with the advisors mandatory?

The meetings are mandatory so that you can develop a relationship with your advisor before you have some difficulty or emergency where you need assistance. Additionally, scheduled meetings will ensure that you have access to advice regarding the landmark issues all students encounter during medical school.

What issues can the advisors assist me with?

Advisors can assist all students with academic and personal issues. They will be your advocates if you have to go before the Student Promotions Committee or the honor court. The can give you advice regarding the landmark issues that all medical students encounter such as:

First year: Adjusting to medical school and exploring opportunities for the summer.

Second year: Adjusting to second year, preparation for Step 1 and scheduling the third year.

Third year: Transitioning to the clinical years, deciding what specialty to pursue and scheduling fourth year.

Fourth year: Navigating the residency match.

What is the difference between my Advisory College Advisor and a Career Goal Advisor?

The Advisory College advisor, which will follow a student through all four years of medical school, is different than a student’s career goal advisor. Advisory College advisors focus more on personal development and offer neutral advice on career goal planning. The career goal advisor, as the name implies, is focused on giving specialty-specific help, and is only applicable to students in the later years of medical school.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact either your advisor or Sandy Williams, Assistant Director of Larry Keith Advisory Colleges at