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UNC Geriatrics and the Center for Aging and Health's 2018-2019 Interprofessional Geriatrics Fellowship cohort: Heather Johnson, DNP, Rozanne D'souza, RDH, MS, Jessica Robinson, PharmD, and Beth Rosenberg, MD, EdD
UNC Geriatrics and the Center for Aging and Health’s 2018-2019 IPE Geriatrics Fellows: Heather Johnson, DNP, Rozanne Dsouza, RDH, MS, Jessica Robinson, PharmD, and Beth Rosenberg, MD, EdD

The Center for Aging and Health’s Interprofessional Geriatrics Fellowship trains practicing professionals in core principles and best practices of older adult health. Basically, the one-year Fellowship program seeks to provide more older North Carolinians — including those in underserved or rural areas — with high-quality care informed by best practices and recent research in geriatric medicine.

  • During each cycle we select three to four IPE fellows from medicine, pharmacy, nursing, or dentistry through a competitive process.
  • Specifically, the cohort learns about, with, and from each other as they immerse themselves in a practice-based geriatrics project.
  • Also, the Fellowship creates a unique opportunity to build team care across the continuum of services.
  • What’s more, the team delivers person-centered, high quality geriatrics in real world settings.

Funded through our Carolina Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program, the IP Fellowship has trained four cohorts since 2016. Although a third class was slated to begin in 2021, we suspended the fellowship program due to COVID-19 concerns. Details on the next fellowship year are forthcoming.  

Previous IP Fellowship Projects

How to Apply

Interprofessional Geriatrics Fellowship opportunities begin in July and run for one or two years. In addition, a stipend for support is available. Applications are typically due the summer before the program begins. For more information on applying to the Interprofessional Fellowship, contact