UNC's Center for Aging and Health helps older adults live well longer.


At the Center for Aging and Health

We provide the highest quality of clinical care to older patients; connect families and caregivers with community resources; and train the next generation of Geriatricians.

But we don’t stop there. Improving care for older adults means training different types of providers – including dentists, pharmacists, cardiologists, and oncologists – in best practices of geriatric medicine that are grounded in research, informed by patient priorities, and guided by compassion.

Whether you’re a medical resident applying to our Fellowship programs, a Triangle resident looking to become a patient, or a clinician taking our courses, the Center for Aging and Health can connect you to the right resources for aging well.

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Palliative Care word cloud

Palliative Care: On the Rise in US and UNC

Palliative care is specialized medical care to promote comfort and quality of life for people with serious illness – whatever the diagnosis or life expectancy – and to ensure that treatment aligns with patient goals and values. Palliative care is on the rise in the US and here at UNC. The Division of Geriatric Medicine extends … Continued

IPE Geriatrics Champions left to right: Sue Coppola, Denise Dews, Kimberly Sanders, Carrie Palmer, Amy Weil, Sharon Williams, Carol Guiliani, Christine Downey, Caroline Nelson

IPE Geriatrics Experience: ‘Myth Busting’ and Multidisciplinary Teams

IPE Geriatrics Experience is a two-day event bringing 10 faculty members and 250 students from 10 disciplines together to learn about Geriatrics care in a multidisciplinary team environment. This year the event took place at the School of Social Work on the last two Wednesdays in January.
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Geriatric Heart Health: Goals of Care

Dr. Beth Rosenberg is a cardiologist and Fellow in the Division of Geriatric Medicine’s Interprofessional Geriatric Fellowship Program, where providers learn about geriatric medicine from the diverse perspectives of pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and cardiology. Dr. Rosenberg shares her expertise regarding older hearts, cardiology guidelines, and older patients’ goals of care. Read more

UNC first-year med school student mentees meet their mentors.

Senior Mentors Teach about Patient-Centered Care

Senior Mentor Program, the School of Medicine’s long-running program to build skills, compassion, and aging-related awareness among medical school students kicked off this week with a Carolina Club luncheon for 195 students and 100-plus mentors. Read more

Notes for the Record: Dr. Ben Blomberg

Ben Blomberg, MD

“Providing thoughtful medical care for older adults can rarely be achieved in the standard 15-minute primary care office visit. The Geriatric Specialty Clinic excels in giving our patients the time they need. As a practice, we prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to caring for our patients. And as a geriatrician, time spent listening to my patients and their families helps me create a treatment plan that truly aligns with their goals of care.”

— Ben Blomberg, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine



From Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead

Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead

  • We’re the big picture doctors.

    “Geriatricians take a holistic view of the patient. We provide complex comprehensive care that is focused on the functional activities of daily living. A patient’s chronological age is not important, their functional age is what matters. What can people do?” Read more

–Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead
Mary and Thomas Hudson Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Aging and Health | Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine