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We have had a Departmental Wellness Committee since 2015 composed of representatives from each of the Wellness Subcommittees including faculty members, residents, CRNAs, and support staff. The purpose of these committees is to promote the physical and emotional health and well-being of all departmental members. The Resident Wellness Subcommittee is completely resident run.

UNC School of Medicine is a leader in Physician Well-being. The institution provides resources such as the Taking Care of Our Own Program, Integrated Emotional Support Program, Peer Support Program, and the Mayo Clinic Well-Being Index.

Our Department is also a leader on this front:

  • We have 2-3 Grand Rounds each year focused on well-being related topics.
  • Our department created the Family Anesthesia Program. Each year our new CA-1 residents invite their family members and friends to participate and learn about life as an anesthesia resident and while gaining hands-on simulated experience to some of the procedures we regularly perform.
  • The department goes one step further in its commitment to Resident Wellness by sponsoring an annual class retreat. Each class is provided with both funding and a selected weekend free from clinical duties to relax, recharge, and enjoy time together.
  • In addition, the department hosts regular events such as “Thank You Grams” delivered to your mailbox, CrossFit classes, UNC sporting events, and organized ways to give back to our community.