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What drew you to UNC?

The interview experience was a big reason why I ended up ranking UNC as a top choice. It was very evident through the personalized questions and discussions that the faculty, including the chair of the department, took time to read about each candidate. They used a holistic method to try to reduce potential biases, which, as a minority, stood out to me and set the interview apart from others. Everyone was so friendly and caring, making the whole process less intimidating!

What is your favorite thing about UNC or Chapel Hill?

The triangle area is very family friendly, which was a big factor for me when I moved here! The life sciences museum in Durham is amazing for kids and will help pass the time by for caretakers when you’re working weekends! Nearby lakes/parks and beaches are also great options for same day trips for our busy lives!

What do you do for fun?

Spending time with my husband and kids and exploring all the local bubble tea spots!