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Did you go into medicine with the thought of one day participating in Global Health trips? Have you had a desire to help educate local citizens of low resourced countries to elevate the anesthesia care they provide? Do you believe in empowering local citizens to achieve beyond their expectations? Are you like many who have a desire but then life happened- career, spouse, children, COVID!

There is still a way to help! UNC Global Anesthesia is addressing all of the above and you can be a vital part of this by financially supporting our efforts. We are partnering with Kamuzu Central Hospital, KCH, in Lilongwe, Malawi to elevate the anesthesia care at its 900-bed hospital through educational efforts and faculty/resident/fellow rotations. Sub-Sahara Africa has a very limited supply of physicians, and throughout all of Malawi’s 1 million people, there are less than 5 physician anesthesiologists. Within the capital city of Lilongwe, there is only one physician anesthesiologist. All anesthesia and ICU care at KCH is provided by Anesthesia Clinical Officers (ACO). The UNC Department of Anesthesia collaborates with Lilongwe’s 18-month Training Anesthesia Clinical Officer program at KCH, to instruct and prepare ACOs that serve every region in Malawi.

Anesthesia Clinical Officer Henry Lizzi (Lilongwe, Malawi)

Henry Lizzi is an ACO who is attending medical school with a goal of becoming an anesthesiologist. His life goal is to work at Kamuzu Central Hospital as an MD anesthesiologist! We have created the UNC Global Anesthesia fund to support him through his medical school education and residency. In addition, this fund will support continual medical educational efforts of the KCH Anesthesia Clinical Officers, quality improvement projects and research opportunities, enhance the UNC Anesthesia resident and fellow Global Health experiences and other strategic Global Health priorities.

Please consider joining in this effort to improve the quality of anesthesia care that is being delivered not only at KCH but throughout Malawi. When we partner with the anesthesia clinical officer training program our efforts reach all throughout the country. People like Henry will have the opportunity to benefit from a higher level of training through your generosity. And you can participate in Global Health efforts, knowing that you are helping to build a better world for the citizens of Malawi.

The fund can be accessed at: (Anesthesia Department Malawi Fund 346177).

Thank you in advance for joining our team! Any amount is appreciated and will be used directly for our UNC Global Anesthesia mission. Please consider a recurring monthly contribution.