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Photo Gallery

Enjoy these pictures from our experiences in Malawi!

UNC Global Anesthesia faculty Dr. Michael Hart with KCH health officers during simulation training.
2022-2023 Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellow Dr. Courtney Hood teaching KCH health officers.
Resident rotation Fall 2019
Resident rotation Fall 2019 with anesthesia clinical officers.
Malawi Class
Dr. Barbara Nzegwu, UNC Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow, teaching Pediatric Anesthesia to anesthesia clinical officer students.
Dr. Murphy
Drs. Madison Foushee and Bryant Murphy outside of “AfriCan”, which is the restaurant on hospital grounds where you can get chicken and chips for less than one US dollar.
Murphy and group
Drs. Madison Foushee and Bryant Murphy with Godfrey Phiri, head of the Anesthesia Clinical Officer training program, William (ACO), James (ACO) and Training Anesthesia Clinical Officers, TACO.
1st Rotation
Drs. Stephen Acosta and Aravind Reddy (CA3 residents), Barbra Nzegwu (Anesthesiology fellow), Drs. Janey Phelps & Sally Standers (attendings). This is the inaugural 1st UNC Global Anesthesia elective in September 2018.
1st Rotation
Drs. Stephen Acosta MD, Aravind Reddy MD CA3 and Barbara Nzegwu with anesthesia clinical officers students, Class of 2018.
Madison Foushee
Dr. Madison Foushee teaching Anesthesia Clinical Officer students
Madison Foushee
Dr. Madison Foushee performing an ilioinguinal block
Colton Mojesky
Colton Mojesky, MD CA3 resident giving lecture to Anesthesia Clinical officers for QI improvement project
Colton Mojesky
Teaching Ultrasound guided nerve block to anesthesia clinical officer
Step Woodward teaching
Dr. Stephanie Woodward (UNC Resident) teaching CPR to ICU nurses
Steph Woodward
Dr. Stephanie Woodward placing a spinal.
Anesthesia Setup
Typical Anesthesia setup in Malawi on a Glostavent anesthesia machine, which are simple machines created for LMICs that uses an oxygen concentrator
An example of a setup
Bryant Murphy
Dr. Bryant Murphy with his son at the UNC Project housing complex.
Madison Foushee
Left to Right: Drs. Ben Cobb, Steph Woodward and Brandon Hammond enjoying weekend free time
Simulation Training
Anesthesia Clinical officer during simulation training
In surgery
Dr. Barbara Nzegwu in an operating room during orthopaedic surgery with a student anesthesia officer.
Ben Cobb
Dr. Ben Cobb (UNC Faculty) giving a  PBLD To anesthesia clinical officers
Madison Foushee
Dr. Carolyn Quinsey, UNC pediatric neurosurgeon, provides lecture to anesthesia clinical officers
Brandon Hammond
Dr. Brandon Hammond paper charting for the 1st time in his career!
Brandon Hammond in surgery
Dr. Brandon Hammond performing a spinal anesthetic
In surgery
Drs. Brandon Hammond and Janey Phelps assisting with complex airway due to mandibular tumor
OR Patient
Advanced and complex pathology is the norm in Malawi.  This airway was secured with the “advance airway” equipment available at KCH, a bougie!
Headset Donation
Dr. Janey Phelps donating Applied VR headset from company to Sangweni and colleague to KCH Burn Center
Headset used
Donated VR Headset being used by a pediatric patient.
Steph Woodward
Dr. Stephanie Woodward and senior anesthesia clinical officer James
Malawi Officers
Malawi Officers working in the ICU.  Anesthesia clinical officers staff the ICU
Steph Woodward
Dr. Stephanie Woodward demonstrating CPR techniques to the ICU nurses
Steph Woodward
Dr. Stephanie Woodward teaching anesthesia clinical officers EKG rhythms
Simulation Exercise
Simulation Exercise with Dr. Steven Acosta and anesthesia clinical officer students
In the OR
Dr. Stephen Acosta providing clinical care/teaching with ACO student
Hands-on Work
Dr. Stephen Acosta providing pediatric anesthesia with a Lifebox pulse ox.
Regional Anesthesia Workshop
Senior anesthesia clinical officer participating in the first Regional Anesthesia Workshop
Colton Katie
Colton Mojesky, MD and Katherine Fitzgerald, MD CA3 residents in the newly built Theaters
Regional Anesthesia Workshop
Colton Mojesky and Katherine Fitzgerald
Drs. Stephen Acosta and Janey Phelps providing pediatric anesthesia with anesthesia clinical officers for the removal of a sacrococcygeal teratoma.
Drs. Stephen Acosta and Janey Phelps providing pediatric anesthesia with anesthesia clinical officers for the removal of a sacrococcygeal teratoma.
Drs. Bryant Murphy and Godfrey Phiri, head of Anesthesia clinical officer training program, with training anesthesia clinical officers (TACOs) during Simulation training.
1st Rotation
Drs. Madison Foushee, Janey Phelps, and Bryant Murphy with anesthesia clinical officers and students.
River Safari
River safari
Left to right: Drs. Janey Phelps, Ben Cobb, Stephanie Woodward, and Brandon Hammond enjoying a river safari at Mvuu Camp.
Mvuu Safari
Mvuu safari
Soccer Kids
Kids playing soccer at Lake Malawi
Liwonde Park
Dr. Barbara Nzegwu smelling the scents while on a weekend safari trip to Mvuu Lodge at Liwonde national park.
2018 Team
The Malawi Family 2018! Left to right: Barbara Nzegwu, Sally Stander, Janey Phelps, Ms. Mtalimanja, Onias Mtalimanja, Godfrey Phiri, Lucy Phiri, Aravind Reddy, and Stephen Acosta
Malawi Sunset
The 2018 team after a safari at Mvuu Lodge – Liwonde national park. Malawi is affectionately called the warm heart of Africa.