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Bullitt History of Medicine Club
2003-2004 Schedule

Date/Location Speaker Subject
Tuesday, 9/16/03, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
George F. Sheldon, M.D.
Zack D. Owens Distinguished Professor of Surgery, Past Chairman of the Department of Surgery, UNC School of Medicine
John Hunter and the American School of Surgery
Tuesday, 10/14/03, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
Barry F. Saunders, M.D., Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Social Medicine, UNC School of Medicine
Slices on Display: Histories of Sectional Imaging
Tuesday, 11/11/03, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
K. Patrick Ober, M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine (Endocrinology and Metabolism), Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Mark Twain’s Critcism of Medicine in the US
Tuesday, 12/9/03, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
Frank C. Wilson, M.D.,
Kenan Professor and Chief Emeritus of Orthopedics, UNC School of Medicine
The Death of Thomas Wolfe: In Search of the Tubercle Bacillus
Tuesday, 1/13/04, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
J. Lee Sedwick, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Surgery, East Carolina University School of Medicine
Alexis Carrel and Lindberg – Do You Believe in Miracles?
Tuesday, 2/10/04, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
Janna Dieckmann, Ph.D., R.N.
Assistant Professor, UNC-CH School of Nursing
What Makes a Medical Specialty? The Case of the Home Care Physician
Tuesday, 3/9/04, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
Greg Boyd, M.D.
UNC SOM graduate, J.D. candidate
Medieval Suggestions for Medical Malpractice Reform
Tuesday, 4/13/04, 7:30pm
133 MacNider Hall
Margaret Humphreys, M.D., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of History, Duke University
A Stranger to Our Camps: The Absence of Typhus in the American Civil War

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