Eran Dayan

Eran Dayan

Assistant Professor

Department of Radiology

130 Mason Farm Road
3111 Bioinformatics CB #7513
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Dayan Lab


2010- Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Weizmann Institute of Science

Research Interests

Brain connectivity, functional neuroimaging, structural neuroimaging, computational modeling, network analysis, noninvasive brain stimulation, neuromodulation

Research Goals

My lab studies brain network connectivity in the healthy brain and in neurological and neuropsychiatric patient populations.Our work focuses on the organizational, dynamical, and computational properties of large-scale brain networks and determines how these properties contribute to human behavior in health and disease. We strive to advance our basic understanding of brain structure and function, while making discoveries that can be translated to clinical practice.


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Dayan E & Browner N. Alterations in striato-thalamo-pallidal intrinsic functional connectivity as a prodrome of Parkinson’s disease (2017). Neuroimage: Clinical, 16: 313-318

Dayan E, Sella I, Mukovskiy A, Douek Y, Giese MA, Malach R & Flash T (2016). The default mode network differentiates biological from non-biological motion. Cerebral Cortex, 26(1), 234-245

Dayan E, Hamann JM, Averbeck BB & Cohen LG (2014). Brain structural substrates of reward dependence during behavioral performance. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(49), 16433-16441

Dayan E, Censor N, Buch ER, Sandrini M & Cohen LG (2013). Non-invasive brain stimulation: from physiology to network dynamics and back. Nature Neuroscience, 16 (7), 838-84