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Dr. Hong Yuan, headshotCongratulations to Dr. Hong Yuan, Director of the BRIC Small Animal Imaging facility, on her awarded S10 Grant for her project entitled, “Preclinical Vevo-F2 ultrasound imaging system for Small Animal Imaging core facility.” This $490K grant funds the installation of a preclinical ultrasound imaging system in BRIC’s Small Animal Imaging core facility.

The new system will replace an old ultrasound system and provide much-enhanced ultrasound imaging. The upgrade is a crucial step to solving the problem of aging ultrasound imaging equipment and the growing need for ultrasound imaging in animal models.

Vevo-F2The requested Vevo-F2 system is the most advanced model from VisualSonics, the leading industry in preclinical ultrasound imaging. Several new features of the Vevo-F2 system include extended frequency range allowing imaging from small rodents to dogs; various transducers providing either high resolution down to 30 micron, or deep penetration up to 15cm; 4D imaging allowing to acquire, visualize, and analyze a complete dynamic cardiac cycle in 3D volume; enhanced Doppler sensitivity and faster frame rates for superior blood flow imaging; and enhanced image processing technology with a reduction in speckle noise and image artifacts.