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With the need for masks the new reality for the foreseeable future, we know that many visitors to the BRIC will be meeting our wonderful Human Imaging staff for the first time without being able see their smiling faces. We want to make sure that every visitor feels comfortable during their visit and knows who they will see on arrival. We hope you enjoy getting to know our fantasic team!

Amber Leinwand with mask & no mask

Amber Leinwand has been leading our Human Imaging team for over eight years, and was one of the first BRIC employees over 12 years ago!


Stew Little is our Nuclear Medicine technologist, and a critical member of the BRIC team since his arrival!


Victor Pincay with mask & no mask

Victor Pincay joined the BRIC team almost three years ago and quickly became an indispensable member of our staff!


Emily Hammer with mask & no mask

Emily Hammer is the newest member of the Human Imaging team, joining us a year ago. She plays a critical part as our weekend and evening tech!