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Brain and Heart MRI Images
Top left: Quantifying the heart and brain structure and function in MRI. Top right: Examples of associations between heart MRI traits and brain white matter tracts. Bottom left: Genomic loci associated with heart MRI traits that overlapped with traits and disorders of the heart and/or brain. Bottom right: Selected genetic correlations between heart MRI traits and brain disorders.

Dr. Hongtu Zhu, a BRIC faculty member and his team recently published a paper in Science (  They used advanced techniques to study the brain and its connection with the rest of the body. Traditional brain imaging methods often overlook the interaction between the brain and other organs. In a recent study, Zhu and colleagues examined data from over 40,000 individuals using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to explore how the heart is linked to brain structure and function. They discovered genetic links between different aspects of heart health and brain health. This study could help in predicting personalized risk for diseases.