October 2012 – A new activity-dependent role for the protein heavily implicated in autism, Neuroligin-1, identified

Neuron journal cover, October 18, 2012, issue

October 12, 2012 – Dr. Ben Philpot and postdoctoral fellows Drs. Portia Kunz and Angie Mabb are co-authors on the paper titled “Transsynaptic Signaling by Activity-Dependent Cleavage of Neuroligin-1,” which appears as the cover article of the October 18, 2012, issue of Neuron. Co-investigators on the paper include Duke faculty member and CSO of Pfizer Neurosciences, Dr. Michael Ehlers.

Neuroligin-1 dysfunction is implicated in autism, and the Philpot lab has helped identify a new activity-dependent role for the protein.