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UNC Faculty Physicians and the UNC School of Medicine

Welcome! The Physician Compliance Program assists UNC Faculty Physicians practices, clinical faculty, advanced practice providers (APPs), coders, and others in remaining compliant with state and federal laws related to professional billing and reimbursement. Prior to June 2020, Physician Compliance operated as “Professional Compliance.” We provide compliance services to approximately 1,700 providers at UNC Faculty Physicians.

Our mission is to be a resource to and collaborative partner with our physicians and APPs in order to ensure that our providers meet governmental regulations related to professional billing and reimbursement, comply with government and private payor guidelines, and can withstand external audit.

Our goal is to maintain an effective compliance program as identified by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) by conducting internal monitoring and auditing; providing training and education; responding to detected problems and developing corrective action plans and enforcing standards through well publicized polices.

We provide many value-added services including: education on new and existing rules; coding education; monitoring and auditing documentation and billing at physician practices and clinical departments; auditing compensation plans and physician contracts; auditing research compliance (as research relates to billing compliance); receiving and responding to questions from our providers; and researching and providing advice on policy matters related to billing and coding. We also engage in special compliance initiatives, as needed, to assist our providers.

We are accountable for these efforts to the Finance, Audit and Compliance Committee of the UNC Health Board of Directors and the Physician Compliance Steering Committee.