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The Office of Research Technologies (ORT) makes available mini grants for professional development and other educational activities for core facility staff.
One of our recent awardees, Bentley R. Midkiff (Translational Pathology Lab) recently completed the NSH Digital Pathology Certificate program, a self-paced course to increase knowledge and improve competency in digital pathology/whole slide imaging.
“Although I have been working within the digital pathology arena since 2008, I thought it would more firmly establish our facility (TPL) as a major core provider of research if I earned the Digital Pathology Certificate from the National Society of Histotechnology. The NSH is a professional organization for individuals actively engaged in the histology field. Its mission is to empower the profession of histotechnology through collaboration, education and innovation.

I have 33 years’ experience in the field of life science and 21 years of service at UNC. I have been working with TPL for the last 12 years offering services in image acquisition, processing, and analysis, as well as database management and client support. I hope this certification will further demonstrate my competency in the area of digital pathology and related work.”

Dr. Feinberg, TPL Director: “Bentley is a most experienced and dedicated staff member in the TPL.  He has extensive experience in the research and digital pathology and is always very enthusiastic to learn new technologies and help to implement them.  He is well-known in the digital pathology field and was invited to give the oral presentations and webinars by Definiens and Leica, well-known companies in the digital pathology field. He is a very valuable and irreplaceable member of TPL!”

Congratulations Bentley!