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UNC Microbiome CoreThe UNC Microbiome Core has served the research community providing extensive experience and technologies for microbiome analysis for over 10 years. The Core has state of the art instrumentation and extensively trained personnel that provide support from experimental design to data analysis. Services include 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing, Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS) sequencing, RNA sequencing, Shallow WGS sequencing, standard qPCR, Fluidigm Access array, targeted high-throughput qPCR, digital PCR and consulting and research support.

The Microbiome Core is proud to present the AMC Culture Collection, a bacterial collection of commensal and beneficial bacteria to provide researchers with strains and bacterial consortia for interventional and mechanistic studies of the microbiome. In addition, we now offer characterization and preservation of bacterial strains submitted by investigators including microscopy analysis, carbohydrate utilization, and antibiotics resistance profiles. You can take a look at the collection at

The Microbiome Core prides itself in delivering expert, up-to-date services and cost-effective support from highly trained staff for over 10 years. The bacteria living in and on us are not our adversaries but our natural symbionts, contributing to our overall health. As microbiome research evolved, our understanding and approach to study our beneficial colonizers have also changed, from purely descriptive methods to technologies that will allow for the mechanistic understanding and manipulation of microbial communities.