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A department’s approval in IRBIS is attesting that the study personnel have the appropriate expertise (e.g., credentialing, licensure, privileges, training), experience (e.g. previous research studies conduct and role in relation to risk level of research), and resources (e.g. committing staff’s time to appropriately provide oversight, departmental funds if applicable) to conduct the study appropriately and is part of risk mitigation to subjects.  This attestation is used not only by the IRB and other compliance offices on campus, but in an audit (FDA, OHRP, AAHRPP) is used to documentation that the department had assessed this information and determined it to be adequate.  The department is assigned depending on primary appointments in the campus directory. If the research study will be administered by a different department with which you have an affiliation, you can enter the appropriate department prior to submission. If the incorrect department is reflected in your submission, the routing of your application may be delayed.

During the addition of the PI’s personnel listing on the Project Personnel screen, you can change the department.

If you are entering project personnel manually, you can change the department once you have selected the PI from the lookup by clicking on the magnifying glass beside department name. Navigate to the correct department and select. The new department will be saved with the investigator’s profile

On the same page, Question 3 will default to the PI’s home department unless you select a different one. Click on the magnifying glass to assign the administering department at initial or to update at any time. Once you make your selection and save the page, the application will route to the department you specified upon submission.

Note: There may be times where the PI’s department and the administering department are different. IRBIS will route to both departments for approval.