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The UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Human Research Ethics (OHRE) is excited to announce a large enhancement in IRBIS is expected to go live the evening of May 6th, 2021.  This update is based on feedback from our research community and will allow for a personnel modification to be processed at the same time and be completed independently of other modifications that may be in the system.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Personnel modification can be completed quickly in parallel with other modifications (e.g., protocol updates, reconsent, updated activities).
  2. Multiple personnel modifications can be completed while other modifications are in progress.
  3. Users no longer need to “write out/explain personnel changes” in the project summary as a “track changes” feature has been implemented.

As this is a large update, and many individuals will be affected we are offering a session on May 4th, 2021 at 1:00 EST (invite below) all are welcome and encouraged to attend especially if you are managing personnel in IRBIS, the session will be recorded and available afterward.  The OHRE will also publish instructions similar to other releases that will be available on May 7th, 2021 for use.

Please note that if you have a submission “pending” (includes in draft, submitted to the IRB, under review, etc.) in the system when the update goes “live” your study will not be converted to the new personnel submission enhancement until the submission is complete, all other studies will be switched when the update goes live.  This process will be automatic and specific requests to be “switched” to the new capabilities will not need to be made.

We would like to thank our ORIS developers for their time and creative thinking, as well as our Pilot Groups for volunteering, including; Radiology, Global Health and ID, LCCC, Surgery, and Dermatology.