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UNC Clinical Research Community,

In an effort to continuously improve process to maintain reliability and provide the most efficient path to study opening, UNC Investigational Drug Services (IDS) is working with UNC ISD Epic builders to streamline the process of requesting new build in Epic for study drug ordering.

Currently, requests for new drug build in general disease states research (non-oncology) are submitted by IDS pharmacists. This introduces a delay between the time IDS receives the study info and the time that the Epic builders receive this information. This has occasionally led to urgent requests to the Epic team and doesn’t facilitate proper work management.

Going forward and as of 24 May 2021, it will be the expectation that study coordinators/study teams enter the request to the Epic team concurrently with the request in CRMS for IDS pharmacist assignment. Please see attached tip sheet on the process and details of how to submit the request to the Epic team.

As ever, our goal is to best facilitate the reliable, safe, and efficient care of patients enrolled in clinical research at UNC. We feel that this change will best serve everyone involved in the process of opening medication-related studies.

Thank you,

Andy Thorne, PharmD, MS