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Resident Physician


Hometown: Greenville, NC
Areas of Interest: EMS, flight medicine, POCUS, medical education
Hobbies: Trail running with my dog, boating with my wife and son, gardening, cooking, home brewing, and reading outside with a good cup of coffee.
Why I chose: I interacted with many of the UNC EM residents while working as a paramedic after undergrad and was always impressed with both their competence and by how much they loved their job. When I rotated here as a 4th year medical student, all of the attendings were approachable and excited to teach on shift, the residents got along well and always seemed to be doing something fun outside of work, everyone seemed to be ultrasound rockstars, and the weekly conferences really were engaging and entertaining. Plus, working at UNC and WakeMed provides an awesome opportunity to experience both the academic and community sides of EM. Finally, the Triangle is a great place to live with tons of local restaurants, bars, live music events, and outdoor activities.


Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill
Med School: The Brody School of Medicine at ECU